At the beginning there was only darkness. Shadows dominated life but light dropped into the dark and a complex world evolved.
You’re on your own.
You’re the protector of your family.
Go on a dangerous journey through unknown terrain looking for food for you and your kids.
Your life is unconditionally bound to your children’s’ lives and your mutual love gives you strength and hope.
Always remember:
It is a beautiful but cold world.
It is life.
It is love.
It is „ini“.

ini in the news: The survival genre has gotten a surreal new addition in the form of the visually striking abstract ecosystem simulator ini Mystisches Geschicklichkeits-Spiel in abstrakter Umgebung – App of the day: Ein Indie-Highlight des Jahres 2017 Künstlerisch wertvoll Grafik- und Sounddesign schaffen eine einzigartige Atmosphäre

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