1. December 2015



31. May 2016

TTIP-Leak: The chlorine chicken has appeared… in our new and funny Shoot ’em up Game about TTIP. Our action packed game shows the dark machinations of politicians and business leaders. End the backroom mentality, play Chlorhuhn and you will know the truth. – Extremely chlorine-rich Game-Play – Paled graphics by chlorine – One Touch Chlorination […]


25. November 2015

„Skalo“ – scale thru the space. „Skalo“ is different. „Skalo“ is a new experience. „Skalo“ is your new challenge. It is difficult to descripe this game. You have to feel it. play the game and you will understand. The game includes 31 different levels that have to be mastered. at the end i only can […]


28. April 2015

faaora: plane action Your new challenge is called faaora. The graphics are fantastic and they were designed with passion.The gameplay is only for experienced gamers and harder than every game in this genre. 😉 Fly thru the two infinite levels and beat the highscore. Show your friends that you are more skilled. Defeat Gravity! one-touch-control […]


16. December 2014

“rogodo” = Ball. Help the ball to climb up into the sky. The ball has to move upwards. The aim is to avoid touching the cones and in case of success you’ll receive points. The game isn’t simple because the velocity is inkrementing and the clouds are blocking your view. The game was developed for […]


4. December 2014

“Circles” is the game of circles. Move your circle through a sea of ​​colorful circles. Make sure that you collide only with the circles of the same color to score. A timer starts the color change, then the color of the playable circuit changes. You have to be very fast and rethink rapidly. There is […]


4. December 2014

“iShit Happens Every Day” “iShit” is the right game for toileting. Who is not annoyed when you can’t completing your pooping session? This game is humorous to the taboo topics around with excrement. The software is designed as a game of skill and represents an enormous challenge for the user. The goal is to assist […]


4. December 2014

“Sound Clown Free” is a small app in which the children can play everyday sounds. By pressing on the nose of Sound Clown an audio file is played randomly. The children can guess which sounds they have heard. Afterwards they can arrange the sounds together with their parents. Sound Clown makes the kids fun. – […]


4. December 2014

„Hold On“ is a test of patience. The aim is to keep your finger on the display as long as possible and  to collect bonus points. Show to your friends that you have the most staying power. Push the highscore to exorbitant heights. – Easy but funny game. – Nice ambient sounds – Experimental gameplay. […]


4. December 2014

“Specialia Interrogatoria” Die Stadt Aschaffenburg zelebriert das 400 jährige Jubiläum von Schloss Johannisburg und es ist wichtig alle Aspekte dieses historischen Ereignisses zu analysieren. Der Bauherr des Schlosses Johann Schweikard von Kronberg war der Initiator von Hexenprozessen im Kurfürstentum, die 22 Jahre lang anhielten. Während dieser Periode wurden über 1879 Hinrichtungen dokumentiert. Der Besitz der […]